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Benjamin Lannon
A new Action every day during the first 25 days of December. A project by Benjamin Lannon.

Day 17: Set one of your pinned cards to your language usage with WakaTime

December 17, 2019

WakaTime is a project that can track metrics of projects you work on or languages you use. With this action, matchai/waka-box you can…

Day 16: Create Pull Requests

December 16, 2019

This Action, peter-evans/create-pull-request by Peter Evans will generate Pull requests after making changes in the repo in a workflow…

Day 14: Pause execution of a job

December 14, 2019

This Action, jakejarvis/wait-action will run the unix sleep command to wait for a designated time Example Usage One usecase of this…

Day 13: Check User Permissions to a Repo

December 13, 2019

Back with another of a personal action of mine, lannonbr/repo-permission-check-action will check the credential level of a user to the…

Day 12: Sync with S3

December 12, 2019

jakejarvis/s3-sync-action is a wrapper for the AWS S3 client so you can send files into your S3 Buckets. Example Usage An Example workflow…

Day 11: Post to Slack

December 11, 2019

pullreminders/slack-action will send a message to a slack channel. Example Usage What is required is an access token generated from making…

Day 10: Setup AWS Credentials

December 10, 2019

aws-actions/configure-aws-credentials provides an interface to setup AWS credentials for usage in GitHub Actions. Example Usage As a base…

Day 8: Run E2E tests with Cypress

December 08, 2019

cypress-io/github-action is the home for running E2E tests with Cypress in GitHub Actions. by Jason Etcovich is an action which upload…

Day 7: Upload files to GitHub releases

December 07, 2019

upload-to-release by Jason Etcovich is an action which upload files into a release. Example Usage Say one manually creates a release, you…

Day 6: Label PRs upon Approval Criteria

December 06, 2019

label-approved-pull-requests is an action created by the Pull Panda OSS team. It will check when reviews are given on a PR and when it hits…

Day 5: Take Screenshots with Puppeteer

December 05, 2019

Today I wanted to show off one of my own personal Actions I wrote. puppeteer-screenshot-action provides a way to generate screenshots of…

Day 4: Send Text messages with Twilio

December 04, 2019

The twilio-sms action provides a seamless API to send text messages as part of your GitHub Actions workflows. Example Usage All that is…

Day 3: Audit websites automaticallly with Lighthouse

December 03, 2019

Google's Lighthouse tool provides website auditing that is both built into the Chrome web browser and accessible as a Node module. With…

Day 2: Optimizing Images

December 02, 2019

When adding images into projects, they sometimes include a lot of metadata or are saved in formats that have large file sizes by default…

Day 1: Caching Action

December 01, 2019

If you wish to cache dependencies or build outputs between runs, GitHub's official Cache Action solves this. Example Usage This can cache…